Skyland PIMS

Skyland PIMS

Accelerating BioPharma development and manufacturing

Global life sciences software company IDBS announces the acquisition of biopharmaceutical manufacturing data management and analytics software developer Skyland Analytics, in a move that will create the first BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) offering that supports therapies from early development through commercial manufacturing.

Skyland Analytics is best known for its Skyland PIMS® software which seamlessly combines product, process, and patient data across the biopharma lifecycle and supply chain, providing insights that accelerate process understanding and ensure product quality.

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Product Summary

PIMS™ provides clinical commercial-stage pharma and biopharma developers and manufacturers a collaborative, end-to-end workspace to seamlessly combine product, process, and patient data management with analytics, charting, and CPV reporting.

Technical Description

Accelerate CPV and APR Planning and Reporting

Maintains a complete history for specs and limits with full audit trails, rationale and document attachments

Traditional ‘Tech Transfer’ Disappears

Speeds partner on-boarding and functions as the perpetual data library throughout the product lifecycle

Seamless Analytics

Generates segmented control charts and process capability by linking batch data with associated specs and target control limit versions

Enhance Data Visibility

Provides you and your manufacturing partners with a secure, collaborative workspace with unlimited, role-based users

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The transition from biopharmaceutical manufacturing development to full-scale manufacturing often represents a breakpoint in data management and its application. Skyland PIMS and Polar will enable IDBS to extend its BPLM coverage seamlessly from candidate identification through manufacturing in a highly regulated ecosytem.

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Bringing IDBS Polar and Skyland PIMS together will formulate the world’s first end-to-end data management system for biopharmaceuticals. Development data and manufacturing data can co-exist in the same operational space and drive deeper insight, increasing operational efficiencies and accelerating time-to-market for novel therapies.

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For the first time, process data and knowledge can be efficiently integrated throughout all stages of the lifecycle, helping to navigate the complex supply chains and collaborations needed to deliver life-changing therapies to patients.

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